WHAT'S NEW(since the last update):

  • Major Updates:
    • Added 2 new playable characters; Clementine, The Cooking Frenzy; and Trashy, The Smelly Scrap-Pile!
    • Added 2 new enemy types, Non-ions, and Fun-ions!
  • Minor Updates:
    • Changed the Fatties' to spawn every 10 Waves until after the 100th wave.
    • Mr. Winters' Max Health has been changed to 100.
    • Changed the Fatties' to be a bit faster at aiming and shooting.
    • M.A.R.S' primary fire now does instant damage instead of damage over time.
    • Probably some bug fixes or something.

Get ready for a whole ton of alien-blasting fun in ULTIMATE PIXEL SPACE WARS! Guide a variety of wacky and wonderful characters through endless waves of aliens. Can you survive the alien apocalypse, and save planet Earth from total destruction? Play today and find out!